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The purposes of the Society are:

Sundance Solace Society is committed to offering access to free mental health services that utilize horses and nature to individuals and groups who have limited financial resources. Through equity, compassion, and consideration for the unique needs of all creatures, we will work to remove the barriers which keep humans or horses in need from accessing a safe and healthy place of solace by pursuing our three organizational goals.

1. Advancement of Education

Sundance Solace Society offers mentorship and educational opportunities to post-secondary interns and graduates who are completing their university practicums and clinical supervision in trauma-based therapies. Through our relationship with local universities and these practicum and internship placements, we are able to provide support to some of our most vulnerable communities while creating academic awareness of the integration of horses into the counselling process. We will continue to grow and develop long-term relationships with these universities to follow the research programs and advance the knowledge and efficacy of trauma treatment on a global scale.

2. Promotion of Health

Sundance Solace Society provides access to free individual and group counselling sessions to marginalized communities to prevent and/or relieve mental health conditions. We are an inclusive Society that provides services to all people, including LGBTQIA+ and all races, ages, cultures, and spiritualities. We ensure mental health practitioners utilize evidence-based practices and adhere to their professional ethics (i.e., British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, British Columbia College of Social Workers, and Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) to ensure effectiveness, quality and safety.

3. Individual Sponsorship Program

Our individual sponsorship program offers individuals without financial resources access to Society-funded mental health services. Participants may apply to be sponsored and have the option to choose a therapist who is qualified to provide services in keeping with our mission and vision. Eligible participants demonstrate a lack of financial resources, inability to access other funding sources, and would benefit from the counselling services offered. The Board of Directors reviews applications and makes decisions in regards to how much funding will be provided, establishes a length of time for services, and suggests an appropriate therapist.

4. Community Therapy Projects

Building collaborative relationships is a top priority and, through local partnerships, Sundance Solace Society is committed to expanding our reach within the community by connecting with like-minded agencies to create greater opportunities for sustainable change. It is our hope to reduce the need for community agencies to compete for scarce resources and to become allies in the work for the betterment of humans and horses. 

Community therapy projects are defined as time sensitive projects with clear start and end dates. These projects often require grant writing initiatives that are either led or supported by our Society. Each project is designed to support the health and wellbeing of our communities in an inclusive way. The Society will help write, create, and implement programming in collaboration with external organizations. Partnerships are identified based on the limited financial resources available to an organization and their clients, and an identified gap in service provision within the community.

5. Promotion of Animal Wellness

There are many ways in which we can help heal our world, and it is our belief that all creatures have emotional and mental wellbeing needs. We know that animals contribute to our health, and we to theirs, through living in co-being relationships. As such, we know that to improve our mental health, we need the support of, not only other people, but the help of other sentient beings. Every life counts, therefore we need to work collaboratively with other organizations to support the better treatment of animals.


For more information please contact our Board of Directors 

Vice President:

Celina Knelsen


Erin Jones


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